Trevor Gordon Hall CD Release Concert

by Office of Marketing | Dec 01, 2014
Trevor Gordan Hall
On Nov. 1, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) welcomed back to campus Trevor Gordon Hall ’07. Before leaving on tour to international destinations such as Iceland, Wales and Italy, Hall visited his hometown of Phoenixville to perform a CD release show for his new album, “Mind Heart Fingers.” Hall has been rated by Acoustic Guitar magazine as one of the top 30 guitarists in the world younger than 30 years of age. Hall performed in Krempels Theater for close friends, family and fans. Also performing that evening were special guests Daniel Delaney and Henry Nam. 
Henry Nam, Hall’s good friend, opened the night’s performances. Nam discovered Hall’s YouTube channel before meeting him in person. “Before I was his friend, I was his fan,” said Nam, as he spoke briefly about a recent road trip the two had taken together. Desiring to further his skills as a guitarist, Nam sought knowledge from Hall after realizing the gifted musician he admired from afar on the Internet lived surprisingly close. Nam’s music can be characterized as an acoustic-percussive finger-style solo act. His set for the evening included multiple original pieces, as well as a few stunning performances in which he played the piano and guitar simultaneously. Nam was especially grateful to be able to perform for his grandmother, who had traveled to Pennsylvania from Korea. Before introducing a song dedicated to her, Nam announced, “I cannot communicate to my grandma in her own language, but I can communicate to her through music.” The song Nam played for his grandmother that evening was titled in Korean “Hara, Hal, Imo.”
The next performance was given by an extraordinary group comprised of three talented musicians: Daniel Delaney (cello and voice), Joshua Stamper (double bass) and Joannie Topper (fiddle). Delaney had met Hall at a mutual friend’s wedding where the two were paired to play at the ceremony. An instant friendship developed, and the pair has kept in touch over the years. Delaney’s set featured the debut performance of a new song, plus a yearning song about his home. Originally from Colorado, Delaney recalled the breathtaking sight of the mountains he longed to see again. He titled the folk song “Lullaby,” saying, “This is what God meant when He said ‘mountain.’” 
Later in the evening, Hall took the stage. He played through the “Mind Heart Fingers” album almost in its entirety, pausing between each track to let the audience in on the secrets and stories behind the writing. Some of the featured songs were being heard for the first time ever by a live audience. 
Hall simultaneously plays with a custom-designed device that attaches to his guitar that he has dubbed a “kalimbatar.” In 2010, Hall collaborated with master luthier, Sheldon Schwartz, to redesign an African finger piano. The instrument, the “kalimba,” was played in various African villages. According to Hall, when the Portuguese explored Africa in the 1500s, they found that the instrument was tuned according to the culture of each village. Hall was fascinated by the fact that he had unknowingly held to this tradition when he tuned the kalimbatar according to the western style of tuning. Originally starting out with only five strings, Hall’s kalimbatar now has two piano octaves. Its undeniable compatibility with the guitar allows solo-guitarists the option to venture into a creative collaboration of sounds and rhythms. This unique sound Hall created has largely contributed to his success.
Recently, UVF alumni Nicholas Meo ’14 has been working with Hall to create the music videos for the “Mind Heart Fingers” album. Before performing the song “Blue Hour,” Hall spoke highly of Meo for his artistic and professional shooting of this song specifically. The “Blue Hour” music video is now available on Hall’s website. Hall dedicated the song to a dear friend, Adam Monaco, who also assisted Hall with sound throughout the evening. 
Upon the audience’s request for more music, Hall walked joyously back onto the stage for an encore, ending the night with an outstanding mash-up titled, “Fix You-Coldplay Medley.” UVF’s former digital media communications professor, Dan Desrosiers, skillfully recorded the arrangement in Krempels Theater a year earlier for CandyRat Records. Hall’s live performance of the medley was inspiring, ambient and brilliantly composed. After the final performance came to a close, the audience cheered and applauded Hall for a fantastic show. As he made his way off the stage, Hall shouted out to the crowd, “Support live music!”
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