UVF Faculty Member Becomes Published Author

by Office of Marketing | Feb 27, 2015
Jerome Douglas, Ph.D.
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) rejoices with associate professor Jerome Douglas, Ph.D., concerning his latest achievement — a published book titled "A Polemical Preacher of Joy: An Anti-Apocalyptic Genre for Qoheleth’s Message of Joy." In 2011, he finished his doctoral dissertation on the book of Ecclesiastes. His book includes a complete articulation and delivery of his dissertation work. Reflecting on the intended message of his book, Douglas says, “The author of Ecclesiastes desired to get his audience to accept the questions and unresolved tensions of life in order to march forward accepting God’s gift of joy.”
Douglas presents an exploration of the author’s use of the anti-apocalyptic genre throughout Ecclesiastes. He argues that understanding this hybrid genre will help an interpreter come to grips with the true message of Ecclesiastes. The pessimism imbedded in the thought of the day during the writing of Ecclesiastes promised answers based on a philosophy that says, “we can know more than we do now.” Douglas stresses how Ecclesiastes speaks to that culture by utilizing the overlapping harmonious bond of wisdom and anti-apocalyptic genre.
In "A Polemical Preacher of Joy," Douglas profoundly answers the questions: “How is the interpreter to approach Ecclesiastes?,” “What is the message of the author?” and “What is the genre?”

Douglas’ book is available for purchase here.