Missions Convention 2015

by Corinne Twigg - Office of Marketing | Oct 29, 2015
Missions Convention 2015
Every fall semester at the University of Valley Forge (UVF), three days are devoted to commemorate the global work of missionaries. Missions Convention is an annual event at UVF, a time when missionaries come from all over the world to share their experiences and inspire the UVF community. 
The event launched on Sept. 16, 2015, with a powerful message brought by Rev. Paul Trementozzi '78, who serves as the Assemblies of God Regional Director of Europe with his wife Angela. In years past, the couple also served alongside Vice President of Academic Affairs, Dr. Kevin Beery, and his wife Wendy, campus director, who were the area directors in Bulgaria. 

As he spoke about the power of prayer and recognizing significant moments, Trementozzi integrated his experiences at UVF, drawing upon those times that shaped his faith. Trementozzi challenged and affirmed students with words he heard from a speaker when he was a student at UVF. "The wheel is your faith," Trementozzi said, quoting Charles Greenaway. "Life is traveling along, and your faith is a wheel. That wheel is moving through life. Stay on the wheel!" Trementozzi's message continued to penetrate deep into the hearts of students and faculty throughout the rest of the week’s chapel services.

Throughout the week, students were given many opportunities to speak personally with the visiting missionaries. The opportunities went beyond luncheons, class visitations and prayer at the altar during chapel services. Each residence hall floor hosted a special event titled, “A Night with a Missionary." There, the students enjoyed quality time with a missionary, asking questions and listening to the amazing testimonies of God’s faithfulness and protection during their field experiences.
The students were also challenged to explore the possibility of gaining hands-on experience in missions by being a part of a short-term missions trip. During the opening service of Missions Convention, the highly anticipated missions trips for 2016 were announced. Included in this year's March spring break missions trips are Haiti, Mexico and a country in Asia. UVF will also send a number of missions teams to Asia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Russia and the L.A. Dream Center in California for short-term summer missions trips beginning in May.
Zoe Tanner, a junior majoring in vocal performance is one of the many determined trip student leaders. As she reflected on her excitement and passion for the lost in Eurasia, Tanner said, “God is raising up leaders in the least likely places, and it is important for us to go and find them.” On the final morning of Missions Convention, Trementozzi expressed his enthusiasm for the event and encouraged the passionate students of UVF saying, “I found myself rejuvenated in spite of giving so much energy. I am so proud of this school. Watching your passion and your heart for the things of God is invigorating. Thank you for inspiring me.” Indeed, even as Missions Convention drew to a close, the desire to bring the gospel to all who have not heard it continues to be at the heart of this university.