UVF Adds Flag 57 for France

by Charles Lucyk - Office of Marketing | Mar 04, 2016
France Flag 57
The flags that line the Flower Chapel walls at the University of Valley Forge (UVF) offer a glimpse of the passion the alumni have for the world. Each flag, representing a different country in which an alumnus has gone to further the kingdom of God, is in and of itself a symbol of achievement for the university and of inspiration for the students who wish to follow God’s call on their lives. Those who attend UVF know well the drive the university has to train and equip individuals for a life fully devoted to Christ.
On Feb. 2, another flag was presented during chapel to be hung on the wall. It is no small occasion when UVF counts one more flag and one more way in which an alumnus helps expand the kingdom of God, and so it was when Adrienne Dyck called via Skype to present flag number 57 to the collection. Dyck, currently residing in Grenoble, France, was able to converse with the student body for a short time during chapel. She graduated in spring 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in intercultural studies and a minor in theology. Originally from the state of Montana, this UVF alumna decided to attend Valley Forge seeking an education in missions.
After being overseas for a year and a half, Dyck is now involved in several different ministries in France. One of these ministries involves a student association that provides English classes. Another ministry focuses on Christian university students, which hosts church and small groups weekly. Dyck is also involved in a 3-year-old church plant as well as a women’s ministry focused on helping get prostitutes off the streets. It is obvious that her heart reflects the work she has been doing in France.

When asked what her prayer needs are, Dyck responded, “Pray for the students that are here, that the Lord would really awaken them to the needs they have. Pray that they know they are loved and that they know they don’t have to walk through life alone. Pray for the church plant and that the community and unity of the church is fortified. Also, pray for the women who are on the streets in prostitution, and ask God to help them find the freedom from this bondage.”
UVF students and faculty alike applauded Dyck’s speech, exhibiting the excitement of witnessing another missionary out in the world. The chapel was filled with hopeful students wishing to share a similar dream as Dyck and who look to these examples to drive them toward that God-inspired goal. Join UVF as its students and faculty keep Dyck and other missionaries in their prayers.