UVF Media Production Team Does Big Things

by Melea Fowler - Office of Marketing | Jun 27, 2017
MPTIn 2013, a team from the University of Valley Forge's (UVF) Digital Media department volunteered to help out with production at the well-known Christian music event, Creation Festival. So impressed with their work, Creation asked UVF to come back and do production again. As their influence grew, so did their team. In January 2016, the Digital Media department, under the leadership of department chair Lee Bilotta, created the Media Production Team (MPT) with the goal of using students' talents in video, audio, and media for the glory of God. 

Tim Jackson '15, UVF alumnus and digital media faculty member, is the advisor for MPT, supervising and traveling with the team to events all over the country. Having the experience of running production prior to MPT's formation, Jackson explained, "Before MPT, it was a volunteer position. But seeing so many people were willing and eager to volunteer, it made sense to create a team [on scholarship], where students could really bond together as a team and as a family, working toward the same goal of using media to glorify Christ." 

Since MPT's creation, UVF has been asked to do more events than they could have dreamed a few years earlier. "The whole team knows that it's not our creativity, but it's the gifts and talents God has given us. People want us back at events because of the heart of servanthood and who we are, who Valley Forge has instilled in us, and we pray that continues through every event," says Jackson. "We give our best everywhere we go. We're up to doing 18 events per year. When I was in school we did three. That highlights the true blessing that God has given to Valley Forge and his grace and mercy toward us."

Before students can be on MPT, they must submit an application and undergo a rigorous interview process that takes into account their character, experience, skills in any facet of media, and academic standing. Once on MPT, both part-time and full-time members can be found running camera, taking photos, making videos, and doing anything that needs to be done in order to guarantee a smooth production experience. 

Digital media major and member of MPT Jess Bantseev said, "I value the training and theory given in the classroom, but MPT allows you to apply those things in real life. MPT gets you ready for the real world by giving you hands-on experience. Although it's hard work that we do, when you do it with a servant-like heart, the rewards are great. Being on MPT is a great way to build relationships with people outside the school and a way to get the word out about our digital media program. MPT has strengthened my skills both in working with people and understanding video equipment and technology."

For more information about MPT, check out MPT's landing page or contact 
Tim Jackson

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