September 2017 Breakaway Recap

by Melea Fowler & Jasmine Hughes - Office of Marketing | Sep 29, 2017
2017_0921_Sierra3858Breakaway is an exciting, two-day event where high school students visit the University of Valley Forge campus to see if UVF is where God wants them to pursue their college education. While they visit, students participate in a variety of fun activities, such as a dodgeball tournament and a concert featuring UVF's traveling worship teams Pneuma and Chosen. Students stay overnight in UVF dorms and are able to visit a variety of college classes, attend meetings with financial aid, audition for music scholarships, or talk to professors about an intended major. 
At every Breakaway, all students have a chance to encounter God in amazing ways. At September's Breakaway, God used the student-led Improv Comedy team and its leader Jordan Hopper’s testimony to move in a big way. Halfway through the jokes and laughter, Hopper gave his testimony and Improv turned into a time at the altar where students prayed for one another, God answered prayers, and brought new believers to Him.

For both Thursday's evening service and Friday morning's chapel service, Pastor Andy Lynn, Student Ministries Director at Marlton Assembly of God, delivered relevant and powerful messages for the students. He encouraged students to be strong in their faith, confirmed God's amazing love for each of them, and closed with a prayer of surrender and time of worship.

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