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Open Mic Night

by Office of Marketing | Feb 10, 2014
photo of musicians
Students filled The Anvil on January 29 for Open Mic Night, hosted by sophomore members of the Student Government Association (SGA).  Performers expressed their creativity, while earning the collective support of fellow peers in an open forum.  
Innovation in the creative arts plays a foundational role here at VFCC. In fact, two of our largest academic departments – Music and Digital Media Communications – focus intensively on inventiveness and presentation. Therefore, the students jump at any chance to promote their inspired expressions. Open Mic Night was just one such occasion.
Travis Dotter, who acts as both activities coordinator and secretary for the SGA sophomore class, stated that the purpose of this event was “to give students the opportunity to display their God-given talents.” He and the other SGA members were pleased with the turn out. “The night was received really well by the student body, with over 150 in attendance, and we are planning to do it again in April.”
Each performance was unique in its own way, and a few stood out among the others as crowd favorites. The evening started with a mellow, yet inspirational, set of original acoustic songs by David Saul; audience members were especially touched when Saul’s four-year-old daughter wandered on stage as he directed his singing toward her.  Another notable acoustic set featured a duet with Andrew Knechel on guitar and Dane Duncan on percussion, who played on the hollow body of a guitar. 

An especially memorable moment for the audience came during the performance by The Art Of – a student ministry dedicated to creating music that blends genres. The group offered an impressive fusion of music styles that resulted in a catchy arrangement of “First Love” – a song, which primarily features rap vocals, that was performed with Jazz stylings on bass and electric guitars, as well as steady urban rhythm on a rock drum kit.

SGA encourages all students interested in performing to be part of the next Open Mic night in April.

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