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Convoy Philadelphia 2014

by Office of Marketing | Oct 29, 2014
Convoy Philadelphia 2014
Upwards of 80 people left at dawn Saturday, Sept. 20, ready to serve people they had never met. At an hour when most college students are still sleeping, students from the University of Valley Forge (UVF) found themselves giving their time and energy to those in need at Convoy Philadelphia. Leaving so early to put in a long day, however, did not hinder their desire to serve in the city. Whether their jobs included handing out food or clothing, or participating in the activities prepared for kids, students were enthusiastic throughout the day, sharing their smiles with all who they encountered. 
The university’s mission, to “prepare individuals for a life of service and leadership”, clearly mirrors the hearts of the students involved with Convoy Philadelphia. Though the idea of service resides at the core of the trip, leadership qualities were honed as students worked in their respective posts during this logistically challenging day.
More than 1,000 people were served during the course of the day at Convoy Philadelphia. Parents, drawn in by the food and clothing, brought their children to experience the activities students had prepared for them. Though the charitable donations of basic necessities like groceries and clothes were part of what was offered, the students went that day to fulfill a spiritual necessity as well. UVF set up a prayer tent where those attending were invited to receive prayer and encouragement.
When asked about the outcome of UVF’s involvement with Convoy Philadelphia, Nathan Potter, UVF’s Missions Committee event coordinator, commented, “I can feel a difference in the student body on this campus in wanting to serve. It was awesome to see all these students, busy with their own lives, wake up early in the morning ... to serve. They are ready to serve. They are ready to sacrifice.” When asked about how the trip affected him personally, Nathan responded that he could see God doing work in his life. “If you told me freshmen year that I would help coordinate an event like this, I would think you are crazy. Now, it’s a reality.”