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UVF's Amazing Race

by Office of Marketing | Dec 09, 2014
Amazing Race
On Nov. 8, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), led by junior Shelby Shepherd, successfully hosted its first ever Amazing Race. Also contributing were members of the Student Government Association (SGA) and the Missions Committee. 

The original Amazing Race is an ABC network reality television series. For about 25 days, 11 two-player teams set out on a trek around the world to battle against one another in mental and physical challenges. At the completion of each challenge, the participants are given their next destination and the first team that successfully completes all challenges wins $1 million. UVF's Amazing Race was modeled after this concept. Twelve teams participated in various obstacle courses and unique mind-expanding challenges on campus. The winning two-man team was senior Bryce Koch and junior Jonathon Manning — Amazing Race champions of 2014. Though not the $1 million first place prize awarded on the television show, the top two teams won free snacks and university apparel.
Shepherd was inspired to organize the Amazing Race for UVF students and faculty after winning a small town version of the race with her father. In fact, she has made it a life goal of hers to eventually compete in the official Amazing Race. “Hopefully, one day this is all going to build up to the real thing for me,” said Shepherd. 
The Amazing Race is one of the many events hosted by SGA to bring the campus together. "One of our core goals for this year is to encourage campus community between the entire student body," Shepherd said. By combining its efforts with SAAC and the Missions Committee, the event proved to successfully fulfill its mission as many students, and even staff, joined forces and competed. Students used both their physical and mental prowess to unravel clues, answer trivia questions, recite Shakespearean sonnets and complete a variety of obstacles. The adventurous morning was a surefire way to promote community, friendly competition and physical well-being for all participants. 
SGA, SAAC and the Missions Committee would like to see The Amazing Race grow to be an even greater event. They hope to see more faculty and staff participate next year and, looking forward, possibly involve alumni, small businesses and the community in this event. 

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