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Captiv8 Film Festival 2015

by Office of Marketing | Apr 29, 2015
On March 26, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) hosted its annual film festival, Captiv8, for the third consecutive year. Captiv8 proposes a complicated challenge: to create a quality short film in just 48 hours. Hundreds filled Krempels Theater to view the films produced, directed and edited by students in this limited amount of time. To ensure that each team had only 48 hours to work on its film, the teams were given three requirements to incorporate into the film two days before the deadline for submission. This year's requirements called for each film to contain a slingshot, a character as a teacher and the line, "Your life will never be the same."

The experience is known to be grueling and demanding. With only two days to work, the teams utilize every available minute to script, shoot and edit the film. The students walk into the festival with developed films and a sense of accomplishment. In the short 48-hour period, they work as members of a production team and experienc a true professional setting where each member of the film project uses his or her skills. Long hours and almost no sleep may appear to be a high price, but to many students the hard work is well worth it, especially when it yields a quality product and a valuable learning experience.  

For the first time, the films presented during the festival represented the work of only UVF students, whereas during the past two years other institutions participated. Additionally, the first faculty/staff short film was submitted. Furthermore, two new award categories, Most Captivating Newcomer and Most Captivating Performance, were added to this year's film festival. Four student films and one faculty/staff film were presented during the award ceremony.

The following films won under these "Most Captivating" categories:
Screenplay - Nico Giampietro/"Geyser"
Editing - Zach Harvey/"Before Tomorrow"
Cinematography - Ethan Holmes/"Before Tomorrow"
Sound Design - Roger Erdvig/"Before Tomorrow"
Production Design - Erin O'Shea and Samantha Gendi/"Before Tomorrow"
Director - Tim Jackson/"Before Tomorrow"
Performance - Bryn Harvey/"Before Tomorrow"
Newcomer - "Humor Me"
Short Film - "Before Tomorrow"

The film "Before Tomorrow," was the evening's biggest winner, taking home seven awards. Sophomore Nick DePasquale, who was part of the film's crew, explained the premise saying, "'Before Tomorrow' follows Rachel Bennett, a mother who breaks away from the normalcy of her life while her son remains on life support in the hospital. It centers around the inner conflict of Rachel's mind, as she struggles to find solace in a restless place, as well as the outward struggle of finding a way back into the real world."

The film festival more than demonstrated the abilities and talents behind the student body at the university. DePasquale added, "Personally, I can say without a doubt that being surrounded by people who each have their own niche, their own talents, their own ability has enabled me to see an entirely new perspective on even the most arbitrary of tasks on a film set."