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Meyer Speaks at Local Author Series

by Jeanne Lockner - Office of Marketing | Apr 06, 2016
Meyer at Author Talk
In the spirit of leadership and giving back to the community, common themes at UVF, President Meyer spoke about his book "The Distinguishing Mark of Leadership" at the Local Author Book Talk series at the Phoenixville Library on March 21. He explained how the book was born from a lecture he had created for students a number of years ago. During his hour-long talk, he shared many of his favorite quotes from leaders and other influencers on his life. Meyer cited several examples of books and life experiences that affected his thought processes through the different stages of his life — "always looking for input, input, input," Meyer stated.

Meyer focused his time mainly on the sections of his book titled "The Life Questions" and "The Legacy Question." He challenged the audience to "do what they feel in their hearts, without being told," to fully understand what is expected of them when in a position of leadership and to lead with vision — using one of his favorite quotes, "Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality." He concluded the evening with an emphasis on legacy and making sure "we go on a life quest to find the answer to our own questions."

View a video recording by the Phoenixville Library of Meyer's book talk.

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