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UVF Student-Athlete for NCAA Committee

by Sarah Cushing - University Communications | Nov 03, 2016
Kelsey Morrison
Junior Kelsey Morrison was nominated and chosen to be one of 24 student-athletes in the NCAA Division III Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) as a voice for collegiate student-athletes. Over 450 institutions are part of the NCAA Division III and all had the opportunity to nominate a student-athlete to serve on the national committee. Morrison was selected by the NCAA as one of the distinct few chosen from among the list of nominees. The committee will meet to discuss current issues relevant to all of the Division III schools and share input on their experience as student-athletes. As a participant, Morrison will serve on the committee to advance its mission, traditions, values and reputation. 

When UVF's Department of Athletics considered which student-athlete to nominate to the NCAA Division III SAAC, they thought of Morrison. They wanted someone who exemplified the department's mission statement qualities: skill, teamwork, leadership, Christian-character and servanthood. "We believe Kelsey embodies these qualities and holds herself to a higher standard," said Gretchen LeVan, associate athletic director. 

Morrison is a top student in the Social Work program, plays women's soccer and softball for the university, and currently serves as UVF's SAAC president. As SAAC president, Morrison serves as the voice for student-athletes on campus. She helps plan campus athletic events and supports the athletes. "To be able to take that and represent UVF on a national level and be able to give input is a really special honor," Morrison said. 

The NCAA Division III SAAC represents the voice of Division III student-athletes to the NCAA governance. The SAAC reviews legislation, identifies student-athlete issues, implements national initiatives from student-athletes, encourages community outreach and enhances Division III student-athlete involvement. The committee also is primarily responsible for maintaining and coordinating the division's partnership with Special Olympics.       

Morrison, who is dedicated to her academics and involvement in sports at UVF, was not intimidated by the added work and commitment that is required of being part of the NCAA Division III SAAC. "I've been able to see these roles and see them for what they are. It's an opportunity, and so I'm not going to turn down an opportunity if I feel that's the direction that God would have me go," Morrison said. "I thrive under pressure ... and I want to take advantage of each opportunity that comes." 

"I'm really passionate about athletics. Athletics is something that I want to carry with me throughout my career and for the rest of my life," Morrison continued. "And you also get to make a difference." Morrison is grateful to the athletics staff at UVF who encouraged her and supported her not just as an athlete but as a person.