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The New Face of the Valley Forge Patriots

by Office of Marketing | Jun 20, 2014
new VFCC Patriot logo
The Department of Athletics at Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) released the new athletics logo at the annual Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly (ESPY) Awards on May 3, 2014. The new logo represents the department’s preparation for a new era with a redesign of the Patriot word mark and the incorporation of an icon that is the image of a Revolutionary War soldier. 

For Athletic Director Jon Mack, the new logo has been a dream come true. Mack has been VFCC’s Athletic Director since 2004. Developing a new athletic logo recently emerged as a priority. From the Office of Marketing, Doug M. Smith ‘12, media specialist, and Caleb Weidman, assistant graphic designer, collaborated with Mack and a college committee on the design. The design process spanned more than a year of drafts, meetings and discussions about the vision, meaning and look of the icon that would become part of the Patriot’s new official logo. “The process was intense,” Mack said. “We wanted a logo that separated us from any other Patriot icon out there.” 

As a former student-athlete, Smith wanted VFCC to have an iconic design of its own. He created the new logo by redesigning the previous “Patriots” word mark and adding the face, shoulders and hat of a Revolutionary War soldier. The meticulous design process can be seen in the Patriot’s facial features, which Smith and Weidman spent hours perfecting. A slight slant of the eyes or too much spacing can seem too aggressive or too submissive. “We did not want anything to look evil or overly mean but we still wanted to have a strong presence,” Smith said.

Weidman produced the video that was shown at the ESPY Awards which unveiled the logo. The crowd enthusiastically approved of the new Patriot word mark and icon by offering applause and cheers, clearly excited about the changes to come for the 2014-2015 athletic season. "Hearing the crowd's reaction … that was the surreal moment," Smith said.

The Patriot is an icon that represents VFCC, the Department of Athletics, and the past and future of the program. “The new logo conveys the message that, 'it’s our time',” Mack said. “This symbol represents the future of the program and the journey we have been on.”

The logo marks  a new season for the 120 student-athletes that comprise 10 Patriot teams. This fall, there will be new uniforms for the men’s and women’s basketball teams. Next year, the department will begin rebranding the spring athletic uniforms. The rest of the teams will carry the new logo on their travel gear and warm-up uniforms. 

The Department of Athletics is looking forward to projecting its new outward appearance and is planning to advance teams to the next level of athletic competition. Mack looks to step up recruitment, competition and the athleticism of each player. To do this, he says that motivation is key. He wants to motivate student-athletes to love what they do, love their sport and have the will to win. “We motivate from the right reasons and from within because of what Christ has given us,” Mack said. “In understanding our purpose, we feel like we can move to the next level.”

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