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University of Valley Forge Professor Publishes Book

by Office of Marketing | Feb 27, 2015
Floyd Richmond, D.A.

University of Valley Forge (UVF) professor, Floyd Richmond, D.A., published a book last month titled "Learning Music with Garageband on the iPad." Richmond has authored and coauthored several books on the topic of music technology and contributed to other works on the same subject. As the title suggests, his latest book aims to educate readers on recording and composing music using one of the most innovative pieces of technology in the modern era. Richmond continues to emphasize the importance of music technology, especially in the context of the church. He is passionate about his work in music education, church music and music technology.

 Richmond received his doctoral degree in music education with a secondary concentration in music theory in 1994 after years of study in the field. He taught at various universities, always stressing the importance of music technology. Another book by Richmond, "Audio, Video, and Media in the Ministry," specifically targets the church. It attempts to facilitate a transition from traditional to contemporary worship and also promotes a consistent growth in ministry through the forum of media. His most recent book furthers Richmond’s emphasis on utilizing technology readily available to many people, this time targeting Apple’s famous tablet. 

His views about music today are described in this way: “The quality of music supported by the iPad surpasses that which is available through most online distribution channels. The iPad is wonderfully portable and suited for production in the field. With appropriate hardware (professional microphones and instruments), GarageBand on the iPad provides a fully-functional, digital, multi-track recording studio.”

 Richmond clearly believes there is a tremendous amount of potential in modern day technological advancements. When asked about the reasoning behind his drive, he responded saying, “Music technology is a field that has become increasingly relevant and it has, in fact, revolutionized the fields of recording, broadcasting and education.” In recent history, certain advancements in technology have created a more efficient way of distributing sheet music, recordings and new ideas; it is this shift, Richmond believes, that harbors great benefit for the church and Christian artists. “Now, independent artists and the church have the same access to distribution channels that were previously reserved for the wealthy,” he explained.  “It is essential that Christian artists and the church learn to use the tools of music technology and provide wholesome content for the public.”

 It is clear from the books he has authored, and his extensive training in the field, that Richmond is a valuable asset to UVF’s teaching force. Influencing and training students at UVF since 2002, he is a prime example of the educational opportunity offered at the university. Though his personal mission is specific to music technology, it promotes the mission of the university by preparing individuals to influence the world through music.

Richmond's book is available for download on iTunes.