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Curtain Call Delivers a Memorable Performance

by Office of Marketing | Apr 29, 2015
And Then There Were None
Curtain Call, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) student drama organization, once again captivated its audience with an outstanding performance. Due to the intensity of the show and its engagement with the audience, this play was unlike any other play in Curtain Call’s history of playbills. The two-act play, "And Then There Were None," is an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s mystery novel. All of the actors successfully fulfilled their roles as strangers connected by a special invitation to dinner. As each character mysteriously died off, the suspense grew to a tangible degree throughout the auditorium. Indeed, the actors charmed their audience by exhibiting a strong devotion to their characters’ roles. The surprise ending left each spectator in awe of the actor's ability to draw out their suspicions and build anticipation.
Randy Stegner '15 directed the play along with assistant director Theresa Sanchez '15 and advising the show was UVF faculty member, Dick Gruber, Ph.D. Loren Metallo '15, who participated in her last of seven Curtain Call productions, three of which she directed. “It has always been said that this stage is an altar,” says Metallo, “It’s a place for God to stretch us and move us, and oh how true that is.”  Metallo fulfilled her role as Vera Claythorne, enchanting the audience with a dramatic performance in a closing scene with newcomer, sophomore Danielle Debley who played the role of Wargrave, a surprising and thrilling character. The two actresses had a great experience with theater at an early age and could not resist from pursuing their passion for acting when they heard about UVF’s prized Curtain Call.
Agreeing with Metallo’s statement, Christopher McNaney '15 — who like Sanchez, has been involved with the school’s productions since their freshman year — says, “Because of my experience with Curtain Call, I can continue to act wherever the future takes me, and I can make that stage an altar as well.” Having much to say about their great experiences with Curtain Call, the actors proclaim they will carry all they have learned as members of Curtain Call with them after they graduate.
The opening night of "And Then There Were None" was particularly special for McNaney as he proposed that evening to his now fiancée,  junior Samantha Burchell. After the performance, Burchell was escorted to the stage as the crowd, filled with friends and loved ones of the couple, erupted from their seats with joyous applause when she said yes! 
Curtain Call is a university-approved student organization that was created in 2003 by a group of students who each recognized the institution’s need for theater arts. Twelve years later, like-minded students shine on stage as they minister to the Phoenixville community with spectacular shows. The organization continues to fulfill its purpose to “impact the campus and community for God’s glory through both secular and Christian theater.”  

And Then There Were NoneDirector: Randy StegnerAssistant Director: Theresa Sanchez

Posted by University of Valley Forge on Tuesday, April 21, 2015