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by Corinne Twigg - Office of Marketing | Jun 29, 2015
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Corinne Twigg
The University of Valley Forge (UVF) celebrates the achievements of two students who represented UVF in The Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest for college students this past spring. Senior Corinne Twigg and recent graduate Garrin Teed '15 entered the competition for the second consecutive year and placed first and third, respectively. The Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest is an annual event hosted by Delaware County Community College to honor gifted young poets who attend colleges and universities in the Delaware and Chester counties. A panel of judges selected the winning poetry submissions. 
Twigg entered the contest as a junior and won first place for her poem titled, “Wrinkly.” Twigg said, “This poem embodies one’s awe upon encountering the grace of an almighty God.” In addition to receiving an $800 cash prize, she was invited to a ceremony where she gave a live reading of her poem. Last year, she took second place in the contest for her poem titled, "Death's Death."
Garrin Teed
Teed took third place for his poem titled, "The Waterfall." He was awarded a $250 cash prize and also gave a live reading of his poem. Reflecting on this accomplishment, Teed said, “I write with the hope of helping people, people who have been down the same road as me.” Indeed, his poetry speaks volumes about his life’s journey. Last year, he took third place for his poem, "Slow Burn."  
Gina Gennari, an English professor at Delaware County Community College and overseer of the Edith Garlow Memorial Poetry Contest, commented on Teed's and Twigg’s accomplishments saying, “The selections are given to the judges anonymously. To be selected again must certainly mean you’re doing something right!” She encouraged the students to continue to write and expressed high hopes of seeing more UVF student submissions for the contest next year.

The poems by Twigg and Teed are below:  

Wrinkly by Corinne Twigg

We sat with our elbows touching and our hearts pounding
Like the leaves on trees
Weak at the knees
Our spines like trunks grew exhausted from all the falling

We were a whole sea of wrinkles
Wandering and washing up on shore
Shaking and shifting, shallow and sore
And tongue tied as tides tried to smooth out our crinkles

In a sense our innocence sighed as it slept soundly
And slipped effortlessly away
Without a word to sing or say
Sifted like a sand through our little fingers finally

But winter could not kill everything you ever loved about me
And no matter how much she stretched and accused
The moon dared not pull hard enough on these riptides to defuse
The storm and all that is you flowing through my pores like a sea salt symphony

Of handpicked rain drops
Pouring profusely
Painting a watercolor masterpiece all over this weathered sea
And it never stops

The Waterfall by Garrin Teed

Frothing and writhing through the earth,
an untamed fury is released.
Like a humbled soul in rebirth,
the water's confinement decreased.
Churning inside the depth's embrace,
collectively pooling in sync.
As scattered lives are set in place,
lost streams are gathered from the brink. 
Lush flora encircles the gorge,
livened by the decompression.
Like dross is removed at the forge,
greeneries replace depression.
Extending forward from the source,
rejuvenation is its course.