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UVF Students Author Latest Curtain Call Musical

by Charles Lucyk - Office of Marketing | Apr 06, 2016
Robot Playbill
The student body of the University of Valley Forge (UVF) is no stranger to teamwork and talent, and this year’s featured musical, “I Am Not a Robot,” is a perfect example of how abilities come together to collaborate on a project. Three students, seniors Nicholas DePasquale and Blake Anthony, and junior Sage Kolarik had an idea to write a musical based on the concept of a teenage robot that does not seem to understand that she is not a real girl. The story begins when the robot, Abby, moves into a new school. In this different and new environment, she develops relationships while struggling with her sense of self-identity.
According to DePasquale, the idea for the musical began as a joke. However, after conversing with Kolarik and Anthony on the idea of a teenage robot struggling with an existential crisis in high school, the three began to formulate the idea into a plausible premise for a musical. 

Reflecting on the musical’s origins, Kolarik said, “Nick sometimes would make jokes about funny, fake ideas for movies, books, shows, etc. One of those jokes was a musical about a girl who was clearly a robot but didn’t know it. This was a running joke for a while until I started coming up with melodies and song concepts. Eventually, after a song and a half was written, I started taking the idea more seriously. The plot became a little bit more serious to me, and eventually I fell in love with the idea and the characters.”
The authors all spoke highly of each other’s contributions to the musical. Fortunately, their friendship seemed to facilitate the process rather than hinder it. Anthony commented on his favorite aspect of working with DePasquale and Kolarik, “My favorite aspect of working with them was how much we understood each other. We all have similar senses of humor and personalities, and so we were able to bounce ideas off of each other and organically come up with some awesome concepts.”
Toward the end of the finished product, it became clear that there was satisfaction in producing a sharp, refined musical. DePasquale commented on his favorite part of the experience, “I think the best part of writing ‘I Am Not a Robot’ was toward the end when I was able to look at the entirety of the script. With the finished script in hand, I can now enjoy the musical and say this is a project I can truly appreciate.”
Everything utilized in “I Am Not a Robot” is completely original and shows off many of the talents the authors possess. Though DePasquale and Anthony gave Kolarik credit for becoming the driving force behind the ideas and concepts behind many of the musical’s plot points and music, Kolarik expressed that his two co-authors were invaluable at refining the plot and script and developing a smooth, finished product.
What began as a joke turned into a chance to intertwine creative skills in script, music and lyric writing — yet another example of the outward and hidden and God-given gifts of the UVF student body.