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Two Students With a Game Plan

by Jessiah Hulle - University Communications | Mar 22, 2017
BSG Players
Two University of Valley Forge (UVF) seniors, Ramiro Amaya and Jessica Simonic, achieved a #1 ranking in a worldwide Business Strategy Game (BSG) online competition during the week of March 13–20. BSG is an online simulation game used by undergraduate and graduate business students to test real-world application of business skills. Teams in the BSG participate from around the world — over 4,000 teams from 245 colleges and universities compete for a ranking in the top 100 each semester.
BSG specifically tests students on their business skills by presenting a simulated scenario in which they must invest. Amaya and Simonic worked on a business simulation of a shoe company, utilizing marketing, production and distribution know-how to best their competitors in a fabricated market. Amaya and Simonic had to cleverly and knowledgeably use virtual resources provided in the game to corner the shoe market in four “regions” online. The shoe companies in the game mirror real-life athletic corporations, so success in the game’s virtual business reflects competence in an actual competitive market. With the BSG ongoing until the end of the semester, Amaya and Simonic continue to express their confidence and enjoyment working as a team. “We see eye-to-eye on many decisions,” Amaya said. “There has been no conflict between us.” This camaraderie has paid off with the duo’s stellar performance. "Being on a team with Ramiro has been awesome; our personalities work well with one another and we are able to make decisions that we both agree upon," said Simonic. 
Professor Bill Clarkson, Ph.D., Department of Business chair, encourages his business students to take part in BSG to hone their experience in real-world business operations. In classes on business policy and in the business senior Capstone Project, Dr. Clarkson instructs students on how to present and operate their own franchise. UVF business students have historically shown great success in BSG competition. Early last year, Tim Piatt ’16 and Will Toy ’16 finished in an impressive 14th place overall for their earnings per share segment of BSG.
With persistence and hard work, Amaya and Simonic clinched the #1 spot for their simulated shoe company and themselves. In a joint statement they said, "We're thankful for the opportunities given by the faculty and staff of UVF that enable students to learn and grow; we believe this is just the beginning of the great accomplishments God has planned for our future and we're excited to see where that leads us." 

Amaya and Simonic finished the competition the week of April 10 tying for the best overall score performance of the week, worldwide!