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Chosen & Pneuma's Impact

by Melea Fowler - Office of Marketing | Jul 26, 2017

For many years, the University of Valley Forge (UVF) has ‚Äčoperated traveling music teams, Pneuma and Chosen, as a ministry to churches, conferences, and camps, as well as a way to encourage interest in enrollment at UVF.

Back in 1985, a traveling vocal ensemble called VISION was born at Valley Forge Christian College. The first group of its kind at VFCC, VISION was active for over 5 years before giving way to the creation of a new traveling music group called Chosen in the early '90s. Then in 2000, a second group called Pneuma was created. Since then, Chosen and Pneuma have been an influential part of UVF and have had an impactful ministry serving our regional districts, churches, camps, and youth groups.

The vision and heart behind Chosen and Pneuma is for each group to effectively use the individual and collective gifts God has given them to minister the Gospel through music and service and in doing so, to promote the university.

Every year, Chosen and Pneuma tour the Northeast U.S., leading worship at various churches for worship services, conferences, youth services, and camp ministry. Teams help with six weeks of camp each; as their summers are incredibly service-oriented. As they minister through music, much of what they do is off the platform, in addition to being incredible in their worship leading.

"We have been hearing amazing reports of the ministry impact of both Chosen and Pneuma so far this summer as they have toured to various churches, youth groups, and youth camps across the northeast U.S," says Lee Bilotta, who has served as the faculty supervisor for both teams for 20 years.

For senior Joanna Nimon, this is her third year traveling with Chosen and her second year as team leader. "For me, Chosen has challenged me as an individual, as a disciple of Jesus, and as a leader. It has helped me grow and has molded me into a woman of God with only the pursuit of giving my all to Jesus and allowing Him to direct my life. Every high and low of traveling has taught me that in every season, God is faithful! Chosen has been an opportunity to work with people completely different than you, yet when you come together to praise the Lord with music . . . you are united with a simple purpose of glorifying God . . . to some, Chosen is just a band. To me, it's family; it's trials and victories, it's lives changed – it's my life changed – it's a vessel for the advancement of the Kingdom of God, and so much more beyond what words can express."

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