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The following links provide you with information that you will find helpful during your time at the University of Valley Forge.

UVF Scholarship

The UVF scholarship is awarded to all students. The amount is determined by the student's financial eligibility and academic achievement.

  • Stacks with all other institutional scholarships
  • Renewable with a 2.0 GPA

Performance Scholarships

Church/Ministry-Related Scholarships

Returning Student Scholarships

2017–2018 Financial Aid Forms

Virginia Campus

The Alliance for Assemblies of God Higher Education has now made available two new programs to new students and also graduate students of the University of Valley Forge. The Riggs Scholarship Fund is exclusively for new students applying to UVF while the Next Generation Fund is designated for graduates (no earlier than May 2007) who majored in some form of church leadership. More information and applications are available online at

*The combination of institutional scholarships cannot exceed your tuition during any semester. Scholarships will be applied only toward tuition charges. In order to receive scholarships, you must enroll for and maintain full-time status (12 credits) or the scholarship will be forfeited for that semester. Returning students must maintain a cumulative 2.0 GPA for all scholarships unless stated otherwise.