Spiritual life and growth are as important to us as your academic success.

Our inspirational daily chapel services are full of powerful worship, thought-provoking guest speakers and international missionary visitors who will strengthen and stretch your faith. Outside of chapel, you can be involved in small groups, prayer groups, outreach ministries and missions trips to deepen your spiritual walk alongside brothers and sisters in Christ.

Valley Forge is committed to your spiritual development in every aspect of your college experience.

You will be able to apply your faith to your education and your education to your faith, bringing a deeper meaning to both. You will also learn to serve and lead with your peers and your community while stretching and strengthening your faith.

We provide ministry opportunities and life-changing missions trips where students, faculty and staff travel nationally and internationally to extend their faith into the community and world. When you put your faith into action, it becomes life-changing for you and those around you.