Board of Trustees

The University of Valley Forge is governed by the Board of Trustees, whose membership includes church and business leaders. The Board of Trustees sets policy and goals, oversees University finances, approves academic programs and authorizes the awarding of degrees.

Dr. Byron Klaus serves as the interim president of the University of Valley Forge.

Board of Trustees:

Executive Officers

  • Rev. Carl Colletti, Chairman
  • Dr. Stephen Tourville, Vice Chairman
  • Mrs. Noreen Burmudez, Student Affairs Committee Chair
  • Rev. Ken Burtram, Secretary
  • Dr. Duane Durst, Academic Affairs Committee Chair
  • Mr. Richard Sawchak, Finance Committee Chair

New Jersey District

  • Rev. Carl Colletti* Chairman
  • Rev. David Boudwin
  • Rev. Fabian Kalapuch
  • Mrs. Jessica Parenti Ortiz

New York District

  • Dr. Duane Durst* Academic Affairs Committee Chair
  • Rev. Dominick Cotignola
  • Rev. David Hertweck

New York Korean District

  • Rev. Ben YeonHaeng Hur

Northern New England District

  • Rev. Dennis Marquardt
  • Rev. Scott Batchelder
  • Rev. Arthur Adams
  • Rev. Jon Weller
  • Dr. Eugene Glad

Pennsylvania-Delaware District

  • Dr. Stephen Tourville* Vice Chairman
  • Rev. Steven DeFrain
  • Rev. Douglas Sayers
  • Mr. David Nappa

Potomac District

  • Rev. Ken Burtram* Secretary
  • Rev. John Kenney
  • Rev. Mark Lehmann
  • Rev. John May
  • Mr. Richard Sawchak* Finance Committee Chair

Southern New England District

  • Rev. Robert Wise
  • Dr. Christina Powell
  • Rev. Heath McCoy
  • Rev. Scott Giordano

Spanish Eastern District

  • Rev. Manuel Alvarez
  • Mrs. Noreen Bermudez* Student Affairs Committee Chair
  • Rev. Virginia Maldonado
  • Ms. Dolly Martinez
  • Rev. ​Mariani Zapata

Members at Large

  • Mr. Jonas Beiler
  • Dr. James O. Davis
  • Mr. Thomas Deleasa
  • Mr. Court Durkalski
  • Mr. David Maracle
  • Rev. John Wootton
  • Rev. Tom Zahradnik
*Denotes Executive Officer
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