Admissions at UVF - Virginia Campus

Deciding where to go to further your education can be tough, and it keeps getting tougher in light of the growing number of institutions in the media claiming to be exactly what you need. But how can they know what you need if they don't even know you?

At the University of Valley Forge-Virginia Campus (UVF-VC) we want to make the choice a bit easier. We have people who want to know what you are looking for, and we know the closer you look, the more you will like what you see. We provide a solid collegiate experience within the framework of a commuter college environment, so you don't have to move or quit your job to get the degree you need to get ahead.

All you have to do to get started is fill out an online application for admission. We also require your transcripts, test scores and references. A short essay will determine your placement in your composition class. It sounds like a lot of trouble, but our friendly staff will walk with you each step of the way, and when we're done we'll know you a lot better, and we can tailor a program that really is exactly what you need.


Application Deadlines

The fall of your senior year is the best time to apply. Don't wait until the last minute. Applications should be sent in by August 1st for the fall semester, December 1st for the spring semester, and April 1st for the summer semester. The earlier the application is processed, the sooner the options are made clear.  You are invited to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Specialist by calling the Admissions Office at 703.580.4810, ext. 210. Once you have applied, you will be contacted by our Admissions Specialist, Rev. Sarah Chesla, who will be your personal guide through the remainder of the process.

College Entrance Exams

College Entrance Exams (The ACT registration code for UVF-VC is 3643. The SAT code is 2579.) Sign and date the College Standards paragraph on the application.

Our admission’s staff is readily available by phone or via email to assist you through the admissions process.  We have answers – from the first request for information to advice about the best time to apply for financial aid.  For more information please contact our Admissions Office at 703.580.4810, ext. 172.


Apply for financial aid as early as possible during your senior year of high school - before the academic term for which you're requesting assistance. When it comes to the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), we recommend you file it as quickly as possible after your family has completed its income-tax returns for the year. For students entering college in the fall, the FAFSA may be completed any time after January 1 of that same year. To meet the Virginia State Grant deadline, the FAFSA must be received by May 1st. Check with FAFSA for your particular state's deadline.


Transfer Students
Official transcripts of all your college-level work must be submitted to our Admissions Office.

Transfer of Credits
Transfer students are welcome at UVF-VC. We will accept credits from universities and colleges that follow the recommendations of the joint statement of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, The American Council on Education/Commission of Educational Credit and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation regarding the transfer of credit from institutions of postsecondary education. 

Transfer of credits toward a degree program is based on the comparability and applicability of the credits from the previous institutions toward a degree program at UVF-VC. Only those credits which carry a grade of at least "C" or its equivalent are considered for possible credit. 

For more information see the current catalog.

Eligibility for Graduation
Transfer students must earn the last 30 credits on campus at UVF-VC to qualify for graduation.


UVF-VC welcomes applications from homeschooled students. You should meet the same admissions criteria as other incoming students, including taking an applicable college entrance exam such as the ACT or SAT.

Our experience suggests that homeschooled students who do the best at UVF-VC have completed a high school curriculum that includes a minimum of the following:

  • English - 4 years
  • Social Science - 3 years
  • Math - 2 years
  • Science - 2 years

You can further enhance your academic preparation by taking additional courses in these areas, as well as courses in humanities, foreign language and other practical-application courses.

If you graduated with a General Education Development (GED) diploma you must submit the official test results along with transcripts of any high school work completed when applying. 


UVF-VC is approved as a degree-granting institution for the attendance of veterans under Title 38, United States Code. This includes the programs covered in 30, 31, 33 (post 9/11), 35 of Title 38, relating also to the education of disabled veterans and war orphans, and 1606 of Title 10. The Division of Veterans/Military Education Pennsylvania State Approving Agency has also authorized the College for the attendance of veterans and veterans' dependents.

Veterans or dependents of veterans who plan to enroll at UVF-VC are urged to contact the veteran's coordinator in the Office of the Registrar well in advance of registration so that the necessary arrangements may be made with the Veterans Administration. 

Veterans may call 888.442.4551 or log onto the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs ( for the most up-to-date information about specific veteran's benefits.


(If you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident of the U.S.)

Complete all of the standard application requirements including official transcripts from high school and college or university.

A mastery of the English language is crucial for academic success at UVF-VC.  If English is not your native language, TOEFL scores must be submitted. A score of at least 61 (Internet-based exam), 173 (computer exam) or 500 (paper exam) is required for admission.

Affidavits of financial support along with statements from financial institutions must also be submitted before acceptance. International students are prohibited from working off campus and must maintain a minimum of 12 credit hours each semester.

  • College Entrance Exams (The ACT registration code for UVF-VC is 3643. The SAT code is 2579.)
  • Sign and date the College Standards paragraph on the application.

UVF-VC can issue an I-20 to help international students receive an F-1 Visa to enter the United States to study at the campus.

The UVF-VC international students program is dedicated to providing a high quality Christian education to non-immigrant foreign students to prepare them for a life of service and leadership in the church and in the world. 

UVF-VC is authorized to educate students in the non-immigrant alien classification (F-1).  Applicants must consult the nearest American consul regarding study in the United States.

UVF-VC does not receive any income tax revenue or public funds. Tuition covers roughly 80% of the cost of education, with the rest of the cost underwritten by gifts and other supporting income sources. UVF-VC is authorized to train you in the non-immigrant alien classification (F-1). You must consult the nearest American consulate regarding study in the United States.

Academic Requirements
If you have lived in the United States and have demonstrated a sufficient mastery of English, you may be exempt from taking the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL). All entering students are required to take the UVF-VC English entrance exam, which includes a spontaneous writing sample. If your first language is not English, and you score low on this exam, you may be required to enroll in English as a Second Language (ESL). 

In accordance with immigration regulations, international students must carry a full academic load each semester (at least 12 credit hours).

Application Deadlines
We recommend that you apply for admittance at least six months prior to the term in which you wish to attend so that all application materials can be received and processed.

Test of English as a Foreign Language
The TOEFL exam can be taken online. Information regarding times and locations for these exams can be found at

TOEFL exams are given in most countries. Information regarding times and locations for these exams can be obtained by writing to: Test of English as a Foreign Language, Box 6154, Princeton, NJ 08541-6154, USA.

When you've completed the application, essay and signed the signature page, mail them along with your correct application fee to:

University of Valley Forge - Virginia Campus
13909 Smoketown Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
Attention: Admissions

Request Information - Virginia Campus:

University of Valley Forge - Virginia Campus
13909 Smoketown Road
Woodbridge, Virginia 22192
Fax: 703.580.4806

Transfer Students
International students are required to have their transcripts evaluated by an evaluation agency that follows guidelines of the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admission Officers. A certified English translation with a course-by-course evaluation is required and sent to the Admissions Office directly from the evaluation agency. 


Full time (VA campus or online)
12 credits per semester………………………………...$4,680.00

Cost per credit  hour………………………………..…...$390.00
Audit (per class) …………………………………………$150.00
Dual Enrollment (per class)………………………....….$297.00
Fees for Full- and Part-Time
Online application (paper $50.00)…………………………
Technology fees/semester
                3 credits or Dual Enrollment………...……………$50.00
                6-9 credits…………………………..……………...$100.00
                12-15 credits……………………………….……....$150.00
Enrollment deposit (applied against tuition)…….……….....$100.00

Other Charges 
Change of Program or Major: $15.
CLEP and AP: $15 for each credit the applicant receives.
Course/Lab Fee: Varies by course; see course description in catalog.
Enrollment Deposit: $100 for full-time applicants due within 30 days of acceptance. This non-refundable deposit serves as a declaration of intent to enroll and is credited toward the student's account.
Fines: $10 and up depending on infraction.
Graduation Fee: $100 to cover basic costs including diploma and academic attire.
Life Experience Credit: $80 per credit hour and $25 application fee.
Online Course Fee: $115 per Internet course plus tuition.
Readmission: $15 for returning students who have missed more than one semester.
Off-schedule Test: $10.
Return Check Fee: $30.
Schedule Change: $10 per change after the close of electronic add/drop period.
Transcripts: $7 each.

NOTE: All charges listed above are in addition to tuition and are NON-REFUNDABLE, unless mandated by federal refund regulation.​