Deaf Ministries Program

Deaf students in classroom

The Deaf Ministries program views the American Deaf Community as a distinct people/language group. This perspective significantly affects its purpose for existence. All courses are taught in a self-contained environment (taught in American Sign Language). Its purpose is threefold: Academic and Practices, Research and Development, and Advocacy.

Academic and Practices: To prepare Deaf and Hard of Hearing men and women with foundational knowledge in administration, Bible, Christian education, worship, church policy, cross cultural communication, missions, preaching, theology, and other essentials designed to develop skills in Christian service.

Classes are offered seated and online! 

Research and Development: To lead in research and the development of innovative concepts of ministry providing services to constituents enhancing the lives of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Advocacy: To expand the scope of the traditional ministerial training program by affirming, through community involvement and service, the people known as the American Deaf Community.

For more information, contact Dr. JoAnn Smith, Program Director, at 610.917.1456 or via email.