Master of Arts in Christian Leadership

Ministry Leadership and Theology

The Master of Arts in Christian Leadership online degree is designed to increase your effectiveness in working with churches and organizations. The need for informed leadership is enormous and this degree will expose you to the most current research and the dynamics involved in more effective Christian leadership.

In the Master of Christian Leadership, students will....‚Äč

  • communicate in writing biblical and theological academic research that addresses concerns within the community of faith.
  • analyze empirical, leadership and theological concepts in cross-cultural settings and directly assess and formulate leadership concepts to enrich that particular culture.
  • analyze their own leadership style and develop steps in which to more effectively work as a team.
  • assess various leadership models being used within organizations and the impact those models have on the development of organizations.
Course Listing:
THE 505:
Art and Science of Biblical Interpretation (3 credits)
PHL 510:
Apologetics and Ethics: Contemporary Changes (3 credits)
LED 505:
Biblical Leadership Models (3 credits)
LED 510:
The Leader and Leadership Development (3 credits)
LED 515:
Developing Leaders (3 credits)
LED 520:
Creative Leadership (3 credits)
LED 525: Organizational Leadership and Communic
ation (3 credits)
SOC 550:
Cross-Cultural Leadership 1 (3 credits)
SOC 560:
Cross-Cultural Leadership 2 (3 credits)
SOC 595:
Research Dynamics (3 credits)
SOC 599:
Research Project (6 credits)
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