Students in UVF Computer Lab

Students at the University of Valley Forge (UVF) are connected. You have ready access to the kind of technology expected at much larger colleges with our updated, campus-wide network and reliable Internet connection. Each living space on campus is also equipped with a wired network port to reach the same resources while physically connected. 

Computer Labs

Four computer labs are available on campus for students:

  • Computer Mall – Dell desktops with Windows
  • Digital Audio Suite – 21” iMacs with Mac OS X, Pro Tools 12.8, Logic Pro X,
  • Production Lab – 21” iMacs with Mac OS X, Adobe Creative Cloud, Avid Pro Tools 12.8, Davinci, Logic Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X
  • Video Instruction Lab – 27” iMacs with Mac OS X, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Creative Cloud


Once you are accepted to UVF, you will automatically receive a student email account that you can access anywhere.

When you graduate, you keep your email account so you will never miss future news and events and you will have a great way to keep in touch


myVALLEYFORGE ( – A one-stop portal for students to register for and add/drop courses, view course schedules, view housing assignments, view student account statements, make payments online, and access research databases. UVF’s Learning Management System (LMS), eLearning is also integrated with and accessed through myVALLEYFORGE. The LMS provides access to student courses, including coursework, announcements, grades, quizzes, and tests, and it provides interaction between faculty and students outside of the classroom.


UVF provides telephone service in each residence hall as part of the student service fee. Telephone service is provided as follows:

  • Each living space is equipped with a phone jack that can be activated to allow on campus, emergency, local, and toll-free calling. Contact the Help Desk at for assistance.
  • Long distance phone calls can be made by using a pre-paid calling card with a toll-free number. Toll-free numbers with the prefixes: 800, 866, 877, 888 may be used.
  • Phone numbers are assigned upon activation. When students change rooms, they will use the phone number assigned to the new room.
  • In living spaces with more than one person, phone jacks are shared by all students in that room.
  • Voicemail is not available.
  • Students must supply their own phone and/or answering machine.

Internet Use Policy

Internet use is monitored and filtered to help ensure that Internet use remains within UVF’s guidelines for acceptable usage and to protect UVF from illegal and objectionable material.