Online Undergraduate Admissions


The University of Valley Forge (UVF) seeks to provide a quality, Christian education for both resident and online students. Each of the affordable and accredited online degree programs below are designed to help you achieve life-changing work while balancing your personal and professional commitments. For more details, please click the link of the program in which you are interested.

Accelerated Degree Programs

In the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program, you will examine the economic, social, practical, and political issues of our global marketplace. You will then be challenged to directly apply the theories you are learning to solve real-world issues.


Program Description:
 Business Administration

Our Bachelor of Science in Psychology program is designed to prepare you at a pre-professional level for entry into graduate or Professional Studies. It will equip you with foundational knowledge of psychology, human behavior, human growth and development, biblical education, and personal skills necessary to develop as a competent professional.


Program Description: 

Traditional Degree Programs

Our Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies program is designed to provide a flexible program specifically tailored to your needs. By using your God-given passions, interests, and talents, the ICS department will prepare you to think in fresh, creative ways about life, work, and service in cross-cultural settings.


Program Description: Intercultural Studies

The Associate of Arts in Youth Studies program is designed to prepare you with foundational knowledge of the Bible, church ministry, youth culture, outreach, and other essentials designed to develop skill in ministry and related areas.


Program Description: Youth Studies

The Associate or Bachelor of Arts in Ministry Leadership program is designed to provide you with foundational knowledge in the Bible, education, and Christian ministry opportunities inside and outside the local church and para-church organizations. It allows you to choose an area of particular interest, but also exposes you to a broad perspective of the church as a whole.


Program Description: Ministry Leadership, BAMinistry Leadership, AA

The online Associate of Arts in Children’s Studies is designed to prepare students with foundational knowledge in administration, Bible, Christian education, child’s psychology, church music and worship, church polity, missions, preaching, theology, and other essentials designed to develop skill in ministry and related areas.


Program Description: Children’s Studies

The online Associate of Arts in Biblical Studies is designed to teach students foundational knowledge in biblical studies and Christian life. The program will also prepare students to pursue further training in church ministry or to continue education in another career.


Program Description: Biblical Studies

Tuition: $399 per credit

Tech Fees for Traditional$200 per semester

Important information about financial aid and refund policies can be found here.


Tuition and fees are due and payable prior to the beginning of classes for each semester. Payment can be made to the University of Valley Forge in the form of cash, check, money order, debit card, or credit card. To make a credit card payment over the phone, call our toll free number at 800.432.8322.