One of our students sitting with one of our professors recieving some counseling
It is not unusual for you to experience some difficulties during your college career. Whether it is a relationship breakup, stress, depression, past trauma or even the death of a loved one, professional counseling or pastoral guidance is sometimes needed. The University of Valley Forge is here to help.

In times of difficulty you are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Life, which will provide referrals to qualified professional counselors through the Counseling on Campus Program. Limited funds are available to assist you with the cost of these services.

Students who have been diagnosed with a serious mental health disorder or who are seeing a mental health professional regularly are also requested to inform the Office of Student Life so that support can be provided as necessary.

Students with a history of eating disorders, abusive relationships or who have experienced any other trauma are encouraged to reach out to helpful and supportive resources by contacting a Residence Director. In some instances, you may be asked to commit to and sign a Wellness Contract. The Wellness Contract will outline specific steps the you will take, under the guidance of Student Life staff, to encourage your well-being and health. The contract may include such elements as regular counseling appointments, regular meetings with the college nurse, outside medical care, pastoral mentoring, eating log or journal or suspension of leadership, athletics or extracurricular activities for a specific length of time.

Our goal is to make sure that you are supported during times of difficulty and are given the resources needed to help with your physical, emotional and spiritual health.

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