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VFCC Student Success and Career Services Center

The Student Success and Career Services Center (The Center), is a great resource for you to start your college career right! We offer the means to not only have you start your journey on the right foot, but to also help you succeed as you endeavor along your entire career here at the University of Valley Forge. You deserve the chance to succeed in college and The Center makes it a priority to ensure that you are provided with the proper tools to do just that. We accomplish this by trying to identify the academic or personal struggles you might have and reach out and come along side and assist in improving your academic progress and personal goal building. This gives the opportunity to make improvements that will contribute to your overall success.

The Center provides one-on-one interaction with students like you to help provide a smooth transition from high school to college and help you get acclimated to campus. We are actively involved in various activities around campus, meeting students like you outside of the office to meet and make real connections. In addition, we offer great coffee, fellowship and a place of solace. Our doors are open to all students who seek help.

The Center also provides career tools and resources designed to help you find jobs while in school and gives career direction as you prepare for graduation or graduate studies.

Meet "The Center" Staff

Christian Delcid

Director of Student Success and Career Services

Christian DelcidChristian Delcid graduated from the University of Valley Forge with a Bachelor's degree in Digital Media. He has worked in High Education since 2013. Christian worked as an Admissions Counselor at the University of Valley Forge where he enjoyed helping students decide what major and school would be the best fit for them along with their career goals. Christian's ultimate passion is to help students understand their natural strengths and utilize that to motivate them towards their God-given dreams. Christian enjoys sports and is currently one of the assistant women's soccer coaches at UVF.

Are you an outside employer or organization looking to provide volunteer or paid work opportunities for UVF students? Please email our Career Services Office.
IMPORTANT: The Career Services Office makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed on this website and is not responsible for the safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of employment. It is the responsibility of the student or alumnus to take all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting any position. He or she is solely responsible for obtaining or confirming any necessary information concerning an employer.
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