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Students utilizing the resources of the Career Services Center

The Career Services Center provides resume assistance, mock interviews, career counseling and… services for current students and alumni. The office also helps prepare students in career exploration, development and planning, graduate or professional school search or job search in order for them to access and learn how to most effectively use a variety of resources.

The Office of Career Services is committed to ensuring both current University of Valley Forge students and alumni gain and optimize internship and employment opportunities. Some of the services the office provides includes but is not limited to career counseling, interest assessments, mock interviews, career exploration, development and planning, graduate or professional school search/job search and resume assistance.

There are Many Benefits to Our Students that Work On-Campus

  • All co-op jobs offer students opportunities to follow Jesus and love Him.
  • Our students enjoy greater academic success.
  • Our students are more connected to the University.
  • They develop relationships with members of the University community who can help them with their spiritual growth.
  • They have supervisors who support their educational endeavors and coordinate work schedules with academic schedules.


New Guidelines for the UVF CO-OP On-Campus Program

  • Student employment at UVF refers to temporary, part-time, on-campus positions available to registered, degree-seeking students.
  • All jobs will be available to all students.
  • There will no longer be restricted and non-restricted jobs.
  • All students will receive a full paycheck.  All payroll is done through direct deposit, so all student employees will need to provide their bank account information.
  • If a student owes on his student account bill, he will be responsible for setting up a plan to make those payments.   


The Procedure for Getting a Job

  • All jobs will be posted on with the contact information of the hiring supervisor in August.
  • The student is responsible for contacting the supervisor to set up an interview.  The student is advised to bring the student application (available on this website) and references to the interview.  If the student is hired, the supervisor will sign and give them the Student Employment Verification Form.  The student will need to bring this form to the CO-OP Office in the Harrup Administration Building.  All new employees will need to bring their Social Security Card and a photo ID card and their bank account information.
  • Returning student workers will only need to pick up the Student Employment Verification Form from their hiring supervisor and submit it to Judy Walsh.  They will also need to submit their bank account information for the direct deposit.


Confused?  Not sure what to do or what job is right for you?

Please stop by the CO-OP office on the second floor of the Harrup Administration Building.
We will be happy to help you locate all available jobs on campus and see what job fits you and your skill set.

MEET "The Center" Staff!

Peppel_SarahSarah Peppel

Sarah Peppel graduated from Eastern University with a Master of Science in Business Administration in 1993, following undergraduate work in Marketing & Communications. Sarah joined the digital media department at the University of Valley Forge (UVF) as an adjunct professor in 2009. She desires above all to see students equipped with a Christ-centered perspective, striving for excellence and embracing a desire to carry the love of Jesus into the world. Sarah has two college-age daughters and lives with her husband in Phoenixville, PA.

Are you an outside employer or organization looking to provide volunteer or paid work opportunities for UVF students? Please email our Career Services Office

*No guarantee of job placement

IMPORTANT: The Career Services Office makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed on this website and is not responsible for the safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of employment. It is the responsibility of the student or alumnus to take all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting any position. He or she is solely responsible for obtaining or confirming any necessary information concerning an employer.
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