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Students utilizing the resources of the Career Services Center

The Career Services Center provides resume assistance, mock interviews, career counseling and… services for current students and alumni. The office also helps prepare students in career exploration, development and planning, graduate or professional school search or job search in order for them to access and learn how to most effectively use a variety of resources.

The Office of Career Services is committed to ensuring both current University of Valley Forge students and alumni gain and optimize internship and employment opportunities. Some of the services the office provides includes but is not limited to career counseling, interest assessments, mock interviews, career exploration, development and planning, graduate or professional school search/job search and resume assistance.

There are three types of employment opportunities available to students throughout the year: Off-campus Jobs, On-campus Restricted Jobs and On-campus Non-restricted Jobs.

Off-campus jobs opportunities are available in various sectors. The Office of Career Services staff networks with local businesses and employers who love to hire our students. We bring this network of companies to the campus annually for our job/career fair held during the first week of classes. Some companies within that network include Target, Walgreens, The Desmond Hotel, Warwick Childcare, Redners and Wells Fargo Bank.

The University also provides restricted on-campus job opportunities for students. These opportunities not only provide financial assistance to the students, it assist students with minimal work experience to build employment skill sets. Restricted jobs are reserved for students who, after submitting their FAFSA and utilizing all the financial aid that is available to them, still owe money on their student account and do not have a car to be able to work off-campus. A majority of the jobs fall into this category because there are always a large number of students who fit into this category. Some examples of opportunities that have been provided include positions in the admissions office, athletics department as well as Teacher Assistance.

Non-restricted on-campus jobs are specific jobs available to students whose financial aid file is complete or who have filed a FAFSA Waiver stating that they are not filling a FAFSA. Typically these are jobs that require a specific skill or need to be filled at the very start of the semester.

Christian DelcidChristian Delcid
Student Success and Career Services Counselor

You can learn more about the Office of Career Services and current job posting by visiting myVALLEYFORGE or by calling 610.917.1531 to set up a 30 minute career counseling appointment. You can also go to Facebook and follow us at our UVF - Career Services page.

*No guarantee of job placement

IMPORTANT: The Career Services Office makes no representations or guarantees about positions listed on ‚Äčthis website and is not responsible for the safety, wages, working conditions or other aspects of employment. It is the responsibility of the student or alumnus to take all necessary precautions when interviewing for or accepting any position. He or she is solely responsible for obtaining or confirming any necessary information concerning an employer.
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