The Department of Digital Media Communications provides instruction in the rapidly growing field of digital media that could be the perfect fit for you. It offers five undergraduate majors, each with a focus on a different aspect of this expanding world industry. Our department takes pride in offering courses in current and emerging technologies. 

As a digital media major, you will develop your skills in the classroom by undergoing technical training on professional equipment with certified instructors. You will participate in projects in and out of the classroom in video production, website design, graphic design, digital audio, and digital photography. Each year, UVF's Media Production Team -- made up of UVF faculty, staff, and students -- ​provides video production services all over the country. Students can also participate in global digital media missions trips and travel nationwide to work at Christian conventions and events. 

Campus facilities for Digital Media students include:

  • Digital Media Center 
  • Digital Audio Lab
  • Digital Media Classroom
  • Digital Media Project Lab
  • Photography Studio
  • Storyboard / Collaboration Room    
  • Digital Media Production Studio
  • 2 Pro Tools HD Recording Studios  
  • Film Viewing Room
  • Mobile Media Command Center (mMCC) — our 48’ Digital Media Semi-Trailer    

Bachelor's Degrees


  • Digital Media

Master's Degree

All students in the Department of Digital Media Communications are required to complete an internship or practicum prior to graduation. Recent internship opportunities include:
  • Production companies
  • News stations
  • Churches
  • National and international organizations
  • Film studios
  • Recording studios
  • Local businesses 

Graduates of the Department of Digital Media Communications are working as:
  • Motion graphic and print designers
  • Record producers
  • Audio engineers
  • Directors
  • Photographers
  • Technical directors
  • Camera operators
  • Producers
  • Marketing directors
  • Social media directors
  • Graphic Designers
  • Freelance Designers
  • Real Estate Photography
  • Luxury Vehicle Photography

If you see yourself ​desiring to pursue a degree in digital media communications, check out a degree from UVF!

For more information, contact Department Chair
Professor Leone Bilotta, M.M.

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