Billing & Payment Plans

How Your Financial Aid Awards are Applied to Your University Costs

The financial aid awards listed on the award letter will be applied directly to the student account at the University of Valley Forge. They are usually applied during the first 45 days of each term, provided you have submitted all information and forms needed to process financial aid to the Office of Financial Aid, at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the semester. You will be sent an invoice from the University prior to the beginning of the semester. Any excess aid left after institutional charges are paid will be issued to the student or held on the student’s account, with student authorization. The exception is College Work-Study, which is paid to employees bi-weekly throughout the year.

Generally, the Student Accounts Office will bill you for the fall semester in July with the payment due on or before check-in. You are billed for the spring semester in December and the first payment is due prior to, or at, check-in. You receive a billing statement for each semester. Any financial aid (including Direct or PLUS loans) confirmed at the time of billing will be reflected on your bill.

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