Financial Aid Options

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At the University of Valley Forge, we know one of the challenges of attending college is affordability. Whether it’s attending a state-run community college or a private college such as UVF, higher education is an investment—for you and your future. You need good information to make an informed decision about your path and purpose. We are committed to providing you the information you need from the beginning of the college inquiry process, thus making joining the community at UVF an achievable prospect.

What Kinds of Assistance Are Available?

There are six basic types of aid available at UVF:
    1. Gift Aid includes merit scholarships and financial-need grants such as the Federal Pell Grant, SEOG and State Grants. There are also UVF specific scholarships such as church-matching, minister-dependent and music scholarships available.

    2. Student employment allows you to earn money to cover a portion of your college expenses.
      • Federal College Work-Study Jobs: these jobs are reserved for students who, after submitting the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), are determined to have financial aid eligibility. Students are notified in their Award Letter that they have eligibility and are allowed to apply for these jobs.
    3. Student and Parent Loans, including Direct, PLUS and Private loans, are available to families.

    4. Payment plans can be arranged through ECSI, a company that provides a payment plan.

    5. Other plans, such as veteran’s benefits and occupational vocational rehabilitation, are available to qualified students. Contact the appropriate agency to investigate.

    6. Community organizations and corporations also sponsor scholarship programs. Research these with the help of guidance counselors, churches, parents, employers and through the Internet.
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