For Alumni

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Welcome back to the University of Valley Forge! You are always welcome here. Remember those chilly fall days walking to class with friends, dialogues with caring professors, and the lessons that could only be learned in those few special years spent in chapel or the residence halls? You will always be part of this community, whether you graduated from UVF or one of its merger schools, and we encourage you to stay connected with us.

As a graduate of UVF, you join more than 5,000 alumni worldwide serving as leaders in the church and in the world. Whether you have found yourself on the mission field of a foreign land, as a kindergarten teacher in a public school, a business leader in a corporation, or a pastor, counselor or musician – you represent all that UVF does through the leading of the Holy Spirit.

You ARE the University of Valley Forge!

A beautiful day for commencement on Green Lane Commons

stay Connected

We understand what an important part of life, and how life-changing, your college years were and will always be. Choose any of the links below to stay connected with former and current University of Valley Forge students and see how we are all, together, making a difference in the world.


The staff and faculty of the University of Valley Forge want to make sure that you have the resources you need to make the personal and professional connections that will enhance your career or ministry. As UVF alumni, you stay part of the family long after you receive your degree, and we want to continue to be a community of support as you discover God’s plan for your life.