Campus Safety

Students enjoy the suburban campus setting of VFCC
At the University of Valley Forge we understand that the safety of your child is your number one priority and that’s why we make it ours. Campus Security is on duty 24 hours a day to provide an immediate response to all emergencies and to contact appropriate emergency-response personnel if ever needed. There is a campus-wide Emergency Notification System, Card Access locks in residence halls and surveillance cameras in strategic areas around campus. Finally, the suburban location also contributes to our low incidence of negative behavior.

When people ask what students can do to enhance their safety, we have a simple response: the single best way to stay safe on campus is by observing common sense. (Please refer to the Safety Tips for All College Students listed below.)

Safety Tips for All College Students

  1. Make the call. Program the number of your college’s campus safety department into your cell phone so you have it at your fingertips in the event of an emergency on campus. If you see a crime in progress or even something suspicious, don’t hesitate, make the call.
  2. Don’t walk alone. Take advantage of your college’s safety escort services or walk with friends or classmates.
  3. Protect your property. Never leave items like your backpack, laptop or cell phone unattended – even if it’s just for a minute. Make it a habit to take these valuables with you.
  4. Report solicitors. Magazine subscriptions, donation requests, spa packages and even money now schemes are some of the common methods criminals use to take your money. Avoid solicitor’s scams by politely saying no and immediately notifying campus security. Never provide a solicitor with your personal information.
  5. Grab it. Close it. Lock it. College parking lots and structures are common targets for thieves. Never leave valuables in your car or items in plain view. Take items like GPS devices, removable stereo faceplates, and electronics with you. Make sure your windows are up and the doors are locked. Apply a security device or set the alarm.
  6. Keep your dorm locked. Even if you’re going next door to a friend’s room, always grab your keys and lock the door. A propped open door is a perfect target for would-be thieves and allows the quick and easy access to your belongings. If your room has additional doors and windows, always be sure they are closed and locked as well.
  7. Keep your residence hall secured. Be sure not to prop open residence hall doors and report any unlocked exterior door to campus security immediately.

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Campus Security is on duty 24 hours a day to provide an immediate response to all emergencies and to contact appropriate emergency-response personnel.

To download and view the University of Valley Forge Annual Security Report & Annual Fire Safety Report PDF, click here.

The University of Valley Forge Missing Student Policy PDF can be viewed by clicking here.