Comprehensive On-Campus Occupational Program Launched

by Office of Marketing | Jul 20, 2010
A struggling economy translates into challenging times for students desiring to follow God's call on their life. Valley Forge Christian College has answered the need by creating the new CO-OP (Comprehensive On-Campus Occupational Program). With funding up to half a million dollars, the program will provide on-campus jobs for qualifying current and incoming students. Employment available on campus will encompass all departments and include a wide variety of jobs. Teaching Assistants, office and clerical jobs, facilities and housekeeping, photography and graphic design are just some of the positions available within the VFCC community, and since they'll be working on campus, there are no worries about the high cost of transportation. Qualifying students require a job to meet their financial plan and do not have a car. Federal work-study jobs require only financial aid eligibility. 

The CO-OP is just one of the many programs offered to VFCC students that make a high quality Christian education affordable. Additionally, students can qualify for numerous scholarships and financial aid packages. For more information on these programs contact the Financial Aid Office at 610-917-1475.