EURASIA Experience

by Office of Marketing | Nov 28, 2010
Donning required traditional head coverings, they entered the crowded marketplace, suddenly overwhelmed with the exotic sights, sounds, and smells of a different world. Amidst the pungent aroma of curry and cinnamon, authentically dressed student, faculty, and staff vendors aggressively pushed their merchandise at the new arrivals. 

The path then led out into the transformed Flower Chapel, where men and women were separated and asked to sit on the brightly colored floor cushions and rugs. A video about Eurasia played on the screens in the shadowy room. The American visitors sat quietly while chants, customary prayers and heartbreaking scenes swirled around them. As the unique experience continued, testimonies were shared about how God had met specific Eurasians - a woman, a Hindu priest, a Shaman, a child in the brothels, and Hope, a young woman who learned about Jesus while studying abroad. 

VFCC president, Dr. Don Meyer, closed the EURASIA Experience with a special prayer, an opportunity to give a missions offering, and an announcement that students would be able to interact with the visiting missionaries later that evening. The faculty, staff, and students left with their passport prayer cards, having learned an unforgettable lesson about walking in the shoes of a Eurasian missionary. 

For more information on learning what you can do to help reach the people of Eurasia, visit the EURASIA Experience website.