Studies Abroad Semester in Uganda

by Office of Marketing | May 04, 2011
VFCC student Rachel Martin traveled to Uganda for her study abroad experience this past fall semester. Here is her story: 

A group of 32 of us attended the program that semester and grew so much. It is hard for me to sum up the four months of experience into a couple of paragraphs because I was so changed by the experience. I grew in God and as a person so much, and I can truly say that it was my best semester of college thus far. 

In the four months I was in Uganda, I did my social work junior practicum, visited the genocide spots of Rwanda, lived with a Ugandan family in both the city and in the bush, took 16 credits, and interacted with a new culture like I never had before. One of the main lessons I felt I learned while I was there was simple living. I only had a few outfits, all of which contained skirts. I ate rice and beans for almost every meal, and it was all around easier to live. I learned about relationships as the 32 of us were essentially forced to be together all the time, and what it is like to truly love others as though they were your own family. I learned what it was like to live as a Ugandan, and the benefits and the detriments of that. 

I wish more people could experience what I experienced. The beauty of the country alone is reason enough to go, but the four months of experience, learning, and growing that I had was truly incredible. Being able to go to Uganda has helped shape my life and who I am as a person a great deal. I am so thankful that I got to experience those four months.