72nd Commencement Ceremony: Celebrating the Accomplishments of 158 Graduates

by Office of Marketing | Jun 06, 2011
Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) celebrated the accomplishments of 158 graduates on a beautiful spring afternoon during the 72nd Annual Commencement Ceremony on May 6, 2011. The stately trees of Green Lane Commons created the backdrop of excitement and anticipation. Don Storms '55, served as the keynote speaker, along with special music performances by VFCC's Concert Choir. 

Nearly 1,000 family members and guests attended VFCC's commencement events where President Meyer conferred degrees, diplomas and certificates. There were two Master of Arts degrees and four Master of Music degrees conferred. There were 10 graduates with a Bachelor of Social Work degree, 66 graduates with a Bachelor of Science degree, one graduate with a Bachelor of Religious Education degree, five graduates with a Bachelor of Music degree, 67 graduates with a Bachelor of Arts degree, one graduate with a Associate of Science degree, and two graduates with a Associate of Arts degree. 

Senior Class President, Jessica Evans, presented the scripture reading from 1 Thessalonians 5:14-24 and also presented a tree that will be planted on campus in honor of the Class of 2011. 

Commencement speaker, Don Storms, treated the graduating class to valuable advice and wisdom. In his commencement address, he encouraged the graduates to look for opportunities to spread the word of God and to be committed to their careers. "You today are at crossroads" it is a new season for you," Storms said. "Your relationship with the Lord has increased. The world needs you more today than ever." 

President Meyer, in his remarks to the Class of 2011, said that "today has been a day to look back at the hard work and the faithfulness of God, to look inside and make one final resolve, and to look ahead and anticipate a future that is, as Dr. Rhoden says, as bright as the promises of God. Class of 2011, you now stand at the threshold, each one of you. The wait is over. An indescribable adventure awaits you." 

At the end of the ceremony, Rev. Tom Rees '84, President of the VFCC Alumni Association, welcomed the graduating class of 2011 into the prestigious alumni family. 

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