A Christmas Miracle

by Office of Marketing | Dec 07, 2011
On Thursday, December 1, 2011, Intercultural Studies Department Chair, Rev. Jenny Duncan and her husband, Dennis, received a phone call that every parent prays they never get. A state police officer informed the Duncans that a car had hit their 15-year-old daughter, Faith, in front of her high school and she was being airlifted to The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. They were not sure of the extent of her injuries, except that she was alert and on oxygen. 

Jenny contacted Dr. Meyer, who in turn, sent an email to all faculty and staff asking for their immediate prayers. What the Duncans didn't yet know was that her daughter dented the front of a SUV and was thrown approximately 90 feet like a skipping rock in water. When Faith arrived at the emergency room she was given morphine for pain, but her body had a reaction to the medicine, her blood pressure plummeted and her body almost shut down. Then, only as God can provide, the Duncan family received a miracle. To everyone's astonishment, including the doctors, Faith pulled through. Although badly bruised, scraped and having sustained a concussion, she did not have one broken bone, any head trauma or any internal bleeding! 

"Now that I've heard some of the eye-witness accounts, I believe, that it really is a miraculous situation," Rev. Duncan stated. She is appreciative of all the prayers and support during this time. "Trauma like this takes its toll, but the witness of the grace of God, His protection and purpose for Faith is going out as a testimony that He will use us to bring people to Himself." The Duncans are happy to have Faith home resting, alive and well, and are thankful for their Christmas miracle.