Alumni Highlight: Jordan Taylor, Children's Pastor, Grace Crossing Church

by Office of Marketing | May 01, 2012

Jordan Taylor '08, will never forget the time at Valley Forge Christian College when God confirmed his calling to children's ministry. It seemed that everything around him was suddenly seen through the eyes of a children's pastor, and everything he read became a discipleship opportunity for kids. He enrolled in the Children's Ministry program and told God that if he would just show him what he was supposed to do, he would pour all of his energy into it. 

While he was studying in Pennsylvania, his future wife, Katie, was 500 miles away attending a college in Ohio. While there, she had found a church plant called Grace Crossing Church that she knew, through a God-given dream, she was supposed to attend. When Jordan and Katie got married, they stayed at Grace Crossing Church (Beavercreek, OH) and, for the next year, volunteered their time to serving in children's ministry before they were able to join the pastoral staff. Slowly and patiently, they worked for months to develop a completely new children's program, Ignite Kids Ministries, which they launched in January of 2009.

Ignite Kids Ministries is divided into three age groups: Sparks, Glimmers, and Fuse, together averaging about 50 children each week. The Fuse service uses puppets, Bible stories, and kid-friendly "life talks" that mirror the same topics covered in the main adult service. Jordan's goal is to "equip families to be the spiritual champions of their kids' lives," so he uses this system to give parents the tools they need to talk more in depth with their children about the Sunday service during the week. 

Besides the Sunday morning service, Jordan spends one weekend night each month helping to strengthen the families to whom he ministers. He hosts regular "Date Nights," where parents can drop off their kids at the church and enjoy a fun night out by themselves, and "Family Event Nights," where the entire family is invited to participate in fun family-themed experiences. 

Jordan's love for equipping children's leaders involved in church plants also prompted him to create a website dedicated to supplying children's ministry workers with the tools and resources they need to be successful. Included on the website are Jordan's ministry ideas, blog, and contact information for any questions visitors to his site might have. He has authored two books, one that is available through his website, and the other that will be published soon. He recently wrote an article entitled "Team Up", which was published in K! Magazine, a recognized children's ministry resource. 

Throughout college and in the past few years of working with children in a church setting, Jordan has learned invaluable lessons about life and ministry. He has learned the importance of putting others before himself so that he can confidently and genuinely support the overall church's mission. He has learned to always leave things better than he found them. And he has learned, most importantly, to take any vision-casting and preparation time slowly and make sure that God is involved in the process. 

An outdoorsman who is fond of heavy metal music, Jordan also loves the time that he can spend with his wife and with their miniature pincher, Dahlia. His desire is that God will allow him to take his influence beyond Beavercreek, Ohio, whether through his books, magazines, or speaking to other children's pastors. But no matter where God leads, Jordan is, and always will be, fully committed to the children.