NexGen Week at VFCC a Great Success

by Office of Marketing | May 01, 2012

hanks to MANY who were involved and participated in the NexGen Week at VFCC!

We have had a whirlwind week here with Reggie Dabbs, Seth Franco, Preston Centuolo, Jason Lamer, and Meghan Weber – 2 church services, 6 school assemblies, a meeting at Berks County Youth Center, the Wednesday night outreach concert, the all day Thursday REFRESH conference, and a week of chapels! …and it has been worth it all!

Partnering Churches…
Christian Life Center in Bensalem, PA hosted The Youth Alliance with Reggie Dabbs for a dynamic Sunday morning! Kudos to Pastor Del Smith and Youth Pastor Shawn Bentley and their team are doing a great work in eastern PA! The youth ministry provided worship at the Fountain of Life Center in Burlington NJ that hosted the evening service. Two dynamic churches, both taking hold of the great opportunities to serve their communities!

School Assemblies…
The opportunity to come along side The Youth Alliance school assembly programs was incredible. Seeing middle schoolers and high schoolers respond to Reggie’s story is always a moving experience. CAT Pickering, Phoenixville MS and HS, the Citadel 9th & 10th grade building in Reading, and Daniel Boone Middle School were all a part of the school assembly tour. We were able to encourage parents this year as well at the Phoenixville HS in an evening parent meeting.

Youth Rally…
Each year we want to serve as a regional resource for youth ministries in the area by hosting a Wednesday night youth rally that is open to the public at no cost, and where youth groups can bring their friends to hear Reggie’s story and a clear gospel presentation. This year we saw at least 100 respond to the invitation and receive a Book of Hope, provided by Grace Assembly.

VFCC NexGen Chapels…
Monday was our kick off with Reggie Dabbs, followed by Seth Franco, the ex-Harlem Globetrotter who intensely challenged our students to give it all to God! Wednesday our friend Preston Centuolo brought an encouraging word, and Reggie returned Thursday for Part 2 of the message he began on Monday! Friday capped the week with an exciting 7 Project school assembly led by Jason Lamer, with special guest Mike Smith. The highlight of the week for many was the Sumo Wrestling match by Professor Kristin Mathias and Rev. Jenny Duncan!

And what can I say about REFRESH!? The heros of youth ministry that are pouring their lives out in paid and in volunteer roles are who that day was all about! The collaborative expertise of Preston, the great challenges of Reggie, the solid insight of Meghan, and the undying perseverance of Jason combined with the cumulative wisdom of the youth leaders in attendance, made this day truly a day of refreshing for all! Ending our day laughing as Preston and Reggie went at it during our final session made us all go home with some unforgettable joy!

A special thanks to the Youth Studies Volunteers who worked so hard and long to make this a great day for regional youth leaders! Way to go, team!

Keep your eyes open for info on next year’s NexGen Week – Ideas are already in the making!

For a Generation,

~Phil Baker, YS@VF