Alumnus Joins the News

by Office of Marketing | Jan 24, 2013

Each evening Jay Valentin ’12 turns his focus to his local news channel, but not only because he happens to be a good citizen who cares about what happens around him. As stories flash on the TV screen, Valentin catches glimpses of his own work, videos and interviews that he helped to create for everyone in his community to see. 

After his 2012 graduation from Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC), Valentin was hired as a Photojournalist and Editor at 69 News Allentown in Allentown, Pa. He gets the opportunity to travel with reporters to capture stories, take care of media-related issues while on the road, interview athletes, and shoot “b-roll” (the extra video footage that is essential to an eye-catching story.) His primary focus is on sports, and during his third week on the job he had the opportunity to meet and interview Nascar driver Tony Stewart.

“I enjoy what I do because it’s something different every day. The stories are always changing, and I work with talented people who are really passionate about what they do,” Valentin stated.

Valentin creates footage for the 5 pm and 10 pm news, and on Saturday mornings you can find him in the studio, where he edits for the Sunrise Weekend Show. 

“I didn’t even want to take a video class at first,” he admitted as he reflected back on his Digital Media education. “But once I did, and only because I had to, I found out that I really liked it. The Digital Media program uncovered my passion for the media arts, and I’m so grateful to Professor Dan Desrosiers and VFCC for giving me opportunities to grow. I probably wouldn’t have gotten this job without the practice I got at the College.”

Valentin is continuing to learn in his new position. “I’m learning how to create a visually compelling story,” he said. “It’s important to be able to give a story justice and make it as visually creative as possible.” He is also looking forward to “live training,” when he will be able to be part of the truck-with-the-dish crew. “This position has a lot of room for growth. Many of the big news stations won’t take you without live truck training, so this job will definitely help me learn more about the news industry.”

Valentin often thinks about his future, which might include a master's degree so he can go into education and work as a media professor. In the meantime, he’s enjoying life with his new wife, Deborah, whom he married on October 5, 2012. The newlyweds happily reside in Allentown, Pa.