Raising Awareness Against Human Trafficking

by Office of Marketing | Mar 12, 2013

According to the International Labour Organization, an estimated 2.5 million people worldwide are forced into labor (including sexual exploitation) through human trafficking. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has reported that this modern form of slavery affects 161 of the world's 196 countries - whether as sources, transit locations, or destinations.

Last month, Valley Forge Christian College students and staff gathered for an event that focused on this global pandemic. The event, Bless With A Dress, was geared toward the raising of awareness and funds for the battle against human trafficking.

The main draw for attendance and the primary channel for fundraising was clothing. In the months prior to the event, female students donated dresses, jackets, blouses, accessories and more. With the $5 admittance donation, every woman was given a brown bag with which she could collect any articles of donated clothing that she wanted.

Male students were in attendance as well, but not for the sake of clothing. They took part in the schedule of events, which also included art, spoken work, music, dance, drama and a fashion show - all revolving around the central theme of human trafficking. Attendees of this event were profoundly impacted by the sobering presentations of this international crisis.

In addition, VFCC was honored to have Miss Universe Ghana 2012 in attendance. She delivered a speech to the crowd, speaking specifically about experiences in Ghana, a country that struggles with child slavery. There, young children are trafficked and forced to fish in rivers that hold waterborne diseases, thus exposing them to sickness. At the end of the speech, she offered this encouragement: “Let’s do something…It begins with you and me!” In conclusion, she implored the audience to think about the needs of others, and cited Matthew 7:12 (The Golden Rule) as motivation for the fight against human trafficking and modern slavery.

Bless With A Dress raised $635 in admittance donations alone! On top of this dollar amount, funds were also raised through donations given outside of admission costs.

All proceeds were donated to Project Rescue, a ministry that currently serves in India, Nepal, Moldova, Bangladesh, Tajikistan and Spain. The ministry “exists to rescue and restore victims of sexual slavery in the love and power of Jesus Christ...through holistic programs of physical, emotional and spiritual intervention, prevention, and restoration for women and children in sexual slavery.”

All in all, VFCC students and staff made a difference through this event - and walked away with a greater understanding of the global issue of human trafficking.