The Yogurt Shack

by Office of Alumni and Parent Relations | Mar 12, 2013

When Brandon Kujawa '11 had an idea to start a frozen yogurt cart for a business administration internship, he never could have foreseen where it would lead. What started as a creative entrepreneurial thought has now launched into a legitimate business that Brandon manages with his brother, Brad '12.

Brandon could’ve taken the typical internship route by working for an established business, but that just didn’t appeal to him. He had bigger, more challenging, goals in mind. In fact, when discussing internship possibilities with a Merrill Lynch employee, Brandon was encouraged to pursue his idea of launching a yogurt store instead of participating in a traditional internship program.

So, with the approval of the Valley Forge Christian College Business Department and some roofing donated by the Institution, Brandon began building a freezer cart from which he could sell frozen yogurt. After going through the difficult process of receiving health permits and passing safety codes, he successfully launched what is now known as The Yogurt Shack.

The business quickly took off in Brandon and Brad's hometown area of Buffalo, N.Y. Though most businesses take nearly three years to meet any level of success, The Yogurt Shack was “met with success right out of the gate.” After the internship requirement was met, the Kujawa brothers made the easy decision to continue operating The Yogurt Shack; after all, the difficult stages of health permits and safety codes had been passed. What remained was sustained sales and improved marketing. Keeping "The Shack" open would be far easier than getting it started. Additionally, Brandon and Brad were having too much fun to move on; they finally owned their own business, so why stop?

After the first year of sales and improvements to the structure of the cart, The Yogurt Shack took off. Brandon and Brad started receiving calls for private events such as parties, corporate events, and even funerals. No longer did the Kujawas have to buy their way into festivals and fairs to generate income – business was now coming to them!

Perhaps the most intriguing feature of The Yogurt Shack is the platform that it provides for the Gospel. Brandon and Brad believe that, as followers of Jesus, we are all “called to represent Christ, and direct others to Him.” In light of that, the Kujawas strive hard to carry themselves in a Christ-like manner, as they encounter many customers on a regular basis. After experiencing the friendliness of Brandon and Brad (and seeing Galatians 2:16 plastered on their merchandise), people have been open to discussion, especially concerning matters of life and faith. What started as an internship, and launched into a full-fledged business, has become a door for relational evangelism.

Brandon would like to encourage all VFCC students and alumni: “If you claim to be a believer, that’s not something that happens after graduation or after you take that position of leadership.” The Kujawas believe that, because of their firm biblical foundation and spiritual discipline that was cultivated at VFCC, they have been able to be a light in the marketplace. The Lord uses those who are faithful to him in a powerful way – even two business administration majors who sell frozen yogurt in a traveling shack!