Adventures in Egypt

by Office of Marketing | Mar 13, 2013
Story told by Professor Dan Desrosiers

We really only had six weeks to prepare for our trip to Egypt. The director of International Media Ministries, Jerry Gibson, came to visit Valley Forge Christian College in November 2012. That afternoon over lunch, VFCC Media Specialist, Doug Smith and I signed on to produce a documentary for LiveDead, a brand-new missions initiative in the Arab world. The documentary would tell the story of nine college-age men and women who were giving a year of their lives to learn Arabic, build relationships and help plant a church. 

Egypt, and Cairo specifically, has been in the news in recent months and years for political uprising and protests, some of which have turned violent. In the short weeks before we traveled to Cairo, some protests had swelled up, but we were assured that they were non-violent and localized. Needless to say, our friends and families were nervous for us to leave the safety of the United States. But God led us and kept us. 

What we found in Egypt was shocking. The people were overwhelmingly hospitable and friendly, wanting to practice their broken English anywhere from a busy market to a crowded subway car. Young kids posed for pictures for us and with us. The protests were indeed localized, but even as Doug and I walked through Tahrir Square with a new friend (a double-doctorate Egyptologist who works at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities), we didn't feel vulnerable or unsafe. 

Of course, it wasn't all a bed of roses. There were very conservative Muslim people who were upset by our production equipment and who shooed us away from marketplaces. There was heavy police presence in certain parts of the city that caused us not to be able to shoot where we wanted to. At one peasant market, we encountered the most palpable example of spiritual warfare I have ever experienced in my life. 

Through it all, we observed and captured a mission to bring Jesus Christ to the Arab world. The team on the ground is living a life of extravagant time with Jesus, intentional relationships with locals, and life-giving accountability with each other. We were blessed to be a very small part of the team for just a week and a half, but the impact of taking a step of faith to Egypt will last in our lives forever.