Alumnus Finds Calling at Youth for Christ

by Office of Marketing | May 23, 2013

A post-graduation internship at Delaware Youth for Christ was the perfect fit for Heather Cherub ’11, a Valley Forge Christian College youth ministry graduate who needed a few more internship credits to complete her degree. Although she had very little experience with youth ministry, when Delaware Youth for Christ - a non-profit organization that helps at-risk youth in New Castle County, Del. - received  her written testimony, she was asked to be their very first intern.

During her internship, Chereb began working with middle and high school students and soon became the program’s internship coordinator, working to build the international internship program. “We all loved God and wanted to reach these kids,” Chereb said, “but sometimes it was tough. At first, I cried every night because I felt so alone.”

She soon developed relationships with some of the middle school students who were involved in the youth center’s Homework Club. For almost a year, Chereb worked tirelessly with these kids, beginning to feel more prepared for ministry than ever before.  Toward the end of that first year, Chereb began to pray and fast about whether or not God wanted her to stay with Delaware Youth for Christ. The ministry wasn’t able to pay her and she had very few friends; she desperately needed to hear an answer. 

Through some confirmations during a visit to VFCC, Chereb felt God leading her back home to Long Island, N.Y. and several months later, she was hired by Long Island Youth for Christ. 

“There is no doubt in my mind that God will continue to be faithful and will take care of me because He has been faithful for so long. He has brought me to a ministry that I love.”

Chereb now works with the Friend to Friend ministry, which mentors and trains teams of students who want to reach out to their friends. She works regularly with three high school clubs and networks daily with churches to raise support for her own job and for the clubs at these schools, hoping to begin community clubs in the future. At a recent One Heart Seminar, a week-long Youth for Christ institute, she gathered an arsenal of tools that she can now implement with her ministry. 

“Most of my worries are about confidence and competence,” Chereb said. “God has placed really awesome mentors in my life to help me. I plan on staying with this organization for a very long time.” From a required internship to a life-calling, God has been faithful and guided Chereb through this journey.