Ministering by Media

by Office of Alumni & Parent Relations | Sep 27, 2013
As the media producer in a 3,000-member church, Ethan Ballantyne '13 has a new job that is more than he could have hoped for. Working with the multimedia director and a staff of volunteers, he is involved with the creative needs of the church. These needs include developing weekly video announcements, managing equipment, planning for future productions and sometimes joining the video team on the weekends.

“I definitely feel that this position was created for me,” Ballantyne said. "When I read the job description, I realized that it was a job I was convinced I could do, and one in which I would be able to excel. I also knew that I wanted to work in media for my career and this church has given me the opportunity to serve God and do outreach, which is all I’ve really ever wanted to do.”

Ballantyne is producing a seven-week small group series DVD, which he worked on from inception to completion. He’s also starting to take video requests from different ministries that help promote events at the church. He has already incorporated things that the church has never done before, despite being on staff for only a few months. 

Having the opportunity while at VFCC to go to conventions and Creation Festival, and serve on the chapel production team, was an honor for Ballantyne. These interactions helped him to enhance his skills and his experience level. “A big reason why I got this job was because of my experiences from the College,” Ballantyne said. He chose to go above and beyond while in school, asking to run the crane during chapel and to serve as a director for events, which opened up even more opportunities for him to learn and practice. “And because of the way the digital media courses at VFCC were led, I learned, most importantly, to be professional in the field,” said Ballantyne. 

Ballantyne knows that God opened this job just for him. “This is exactly what I went to school for — to work in my skill set and to be creative for Him.”