Operation: Intelligence

by Office of Alumni and Parent Relations | Nov 05, 2013
Keionna Jackson’s well-planned life was going smoothly, until her senior year when everything completely changed. A few weeks before Keionna came back to Valley Forge Christian College (VFCC) for her last two semesters as a social work major, God dropped a heavy revelation on her: “The things I have for you are so much greater in life.”

God continued to confirm this special calling throughout Jackson's senior year, reminding her of His faithfulness and His plans for her. Never having wanted to consider the military, Jackson didn’t give the option too much thought when a friend proposed the idea of joining. It wasn't until the prompting of a beloved professor who also suggested the military, that gave Jackson the courage to decide to join the U.S. Air Force.

Now, 17 months after her VFCC graduation, Jackson has completed boot camp and 14 months of training for her job as an Operations Intelligence Analyst. She monitors specific countries; constantly surveilling, following targets and leaders, looking at techniques and war scenarios, and trying to maintain information superiority in order to keep her country safe. She then briefs commanders, colonels and others with the information she finds.

Jackson’s inquisitive and analytical mind pushes her to work hard at her job. She reads a lot of history, is constantly researching for her briefs and studies to understand adversarial relationships.

But her eyes are also open to an even bigger picture. “I was confused at first about why God took me into the military,” she said, “but I’ve come to the realization that my calling is not an average one - He has called me to great things.” Jackson realizes that God is strategically placing her into positions of leadership to make a difference, and she’s allowing those opportunities to happen.

“Next to going to VFCC, joining the Air Force was the best thing I could have ever done,” Jackson said. “I realize now how all of the things that I did in college prepared me for this moment, to be where I am today.”