Evangelist for Life

by Office of Alumni and Parent Relations | Dec 05, 2013
In the summer of 2009, Rebekah Reese '09 embarked on the adventure of a lifetime, joining the staff of Holy Hands to work with Jason ’97 and Teri ’95 Rising. Even though she knew that she’d have to raise her own support to join the team, she didn’t hesitate to say yes. As Reese put it, “the opportunity was creative, it was evangelism, it was my heart.” 

Recently, Jason Rising assumed other responsibilities within the ministry. That left Reese, now the Holy Hands Director, to lead 12 weeks of seven-day “expeditions,” train 12 interns and take more than 100 teenagers on adventures all over the northeastern U.S., ministering in different cities and partnering with 16 churches to spread the Gospel to families. 

Reese’s main reach is teenagers, training and equipping them to effectively evangelize through garbonics (rhythm based music played on non-conventional instruments such as garbage cans), mega sports camps, park outreaches, children’s ministry, street clean-up and creative art forms. Each week ends with a huge block party and movie night for the community, introducing area families to the local churches. 

“Being with Holy Hands is an awesome experience,” Reese said. “I’m at a point now where I haven’t been happier or more hopeful for the future. I’m equipping and training people to know what it truly means to be fishers of men, and I’m showing them that there are different sides of evangelism, because the call to ‘go out into all the world’ can be right in your backyard."

Reese is having fun learning the business of a non-profit organization, finding out how much she loves working with church plants, and realizing that her relational personality is exactly who God made her to be. 

Reese is also learning that she is doing great things for God right now, right where she is. As she says, “reaching one person at a time is all that God requires us to do.” 

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